4 ways to improve your digital marketing

1. Optimize your SEO
I mean by SEO search engine optimization. By using it, you could reach more and new customers. Which is pretty good. Especially if you do B2C or what we call Business to Customer.
Even if business-to-business (B2B) works very well however It is not easy to do but when it comes to its results, it is amazing. And today many businesses on the world try to scale and move to the next level. If you are one of the digital marketing teams. Therefore, you have to master marketing and keywords. The more your keyword is precise, the less money you spend on advertising. In addition, we talk about negative keywords. At this moment, the more negative keywords are precise and shown to people who could not take action. The more money you save and you put on your pocket.


Another thing I would like to share with you as a gift for this topic is Moz, which is a tool provided by SEO. The overall score of your principle or product page then you could demand from customers what they do not like so as you could improve. Moreover, make sure the more value you offer the more money you make.
Companies focus on reaching new people who show interest to their websites by doing SEO. they could easily get good traffic. In addition, from that traffic you could get good ideas by tracking them via google analytics. Therefore, you will have better opportunity to segment them.
Another tool you could use in order to optimize is HEATMAP analytics. It is used in order to know the overall amount of time every single person spends on a page. Then I would like to share with you A/B TESTING. It allows you to try different subjects at the same time. Which is so nice.
2. Assess Your Tech
You have to know what the amount of money you have and how much you could allotted this will avoid you spending money and wasting time. You maybe need some guidance that is exactly what pushed me to ask you a couple of questions:
* Is your message aligned so it will be consistent across all channels?
* What kind of voicing does your personas prefer?
* Do you have a list of which social channels your buyers and/or potential leads use the most?
3. Measure Your Content Reach
B2B marketing is not used for clients.it is used as well for internal teams.
If you want to have a clear picture about how to create the perfect content for your client and the effective one for your market, you maybe have doubt. Therefore, you wonder what kind of topics you shall post. You will solve this huge problem by starting measuring internal and external reach. Because if you try to measure just one of those. The result will be no more credible.
Here I am going to show you some numbers that means a lot to marketers for optimizing especially for your external reach.
* Number of engagements by content type and sales stage
* Top 10 engaged and/or shared assets per quarter
* Number of engagements per a period categorized by engagement type (downloads, page views, open rates).
When it comes to internal. It so important. Since you will waste your time and resources if the internal teams could not find your content. Maybe a bad vision is the main reason caused all this. And now you have to act differently; you have to track the Number of month-over-month (MoM) internal views of assets and downloads
4. Track Your Social Channels
Do you know that over 71% of B2B marketers start moving to the digital world and start using content marketing and social media sharing?
As you know in every field, few people who head it. The rule is always being applied. Since just 22% from those 71% who do it efficiently.
Social media’s growth is incredible. Almost every one use it today. It is a great tool for marketers to drive people who show interest to a specific product/service or what we call in marketing (potential buyers) to get the stuff by clicking through the product page.
There is something you have to track to optimize and know what is going on:
 Number of shares/reposts by leads
 Number of shares/reposts by influencers
 Number of engagements/impressions

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