Can I learn digital marketing on my own?

The answer is yes. In this world, we could learn anything but we should just pay the price. As many people learn it. So you could do it as well. Learning theories by your own is pretty easy. The difficult side starts by applying what you have learned. As you know there is ton of available resources on internet that will show you exactly how to start. And teach you the basic of this field. But if you asked me I highly recommend you to get paid course after getting the basic from free ones because paid courses contain great information and it shows some problem that you will meet on your carrier and some solution to avoid it. We call this investment on learning this is maybe the first investment you will have the chance to do today. But it will generate good money later. You will see its importance when you start earning millions of dollars. Then you have to kill the procrastination and applying what you have learned from the free and paid courses.

Digital marketing is based on these approaches:
* Pay-Per-Click
* Search Engine Optimization
* Search Engine Marketing
* E-mail Marketing
* Affiliate Marketing
* Social Media Marketing
* Content Marketing
A good marketer is the one who master all these sides of digital marketing and could run campaigns without spending ton of money and they great results.
You could learn this skill on YouTube. It is completely free there. And it contains much contents that teach you this valuable job. But there is a problem here. Everybody could share the content on this platform so, you could not get good knowledge based on YouTube even if you filter the information but you will spend many hundreds of hours with little knowledge.
I advise you to start searching in Google Academy for Ads it is completely for free, and it will help you a lot especially when you run campaigns on google and it offered you the whole training program is an incredible. It is really a great opportunity you have to use it on your favor especially it is for free. Maybe if Google would demand 1 K $ for this training many people would buy its course.
What’s more the course is going from basics to hard and advanced things. It does not Mather your level on marketing you will get something new here.
Then we advise you to start with COUSERA or UDEMY. It is paid. However, the money you pay for these courses is nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is ton of contents on coursera you will find the person who explains to you this field with the way of teaching you admire. What is more. You will have free trial for 1 week. This platform has the analytics for you to track based on your performance It is time to learn it. Therefore, you have no excuse that prevent you to do this.
Then we advise you to follow the accounts of the greatest marketers on the world such as:
* Dan LOK
* Neil Patel
Those people are very famous as marketers. So you will learn a lot from them.

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