How 5 Ds of digital marketing are reshaping global business sector today

In the 21st century. Precisely talking in 2021. It is estimated that over 4.5 billion people use internet and were active users of it. It is much more than half people who live on this planet connect to internet; it is almost 60 per cent of humanity do this. But as you know the internet was not much known as today few years ego. And based on this. It evolves very quickly we guess that the next few decades it will explore. The next generation will use it and it will not respect the rule that young people will use it but we will meet children maybe under 1 year old having new devices: Smartphones, laptops, tablets. They will search on google or whatever about a famous game. They will be looking for entertainment even if maybe they do not even speak their nature language well. A lot of people want to turn to the virtual world thanks to its advantages. And as you know marketers are very smart. Therefore, they try to market products or services on online platforms so when people enjoy their times on those platforms they could buy stuff easily without even pay attention if this stuff is important for them. Marketers communicate to a large audience especially for brand awareness in order to grow businesses and they could also talk to a specific segment by using data with right language that will generate sales to the company. On this virtual world marketing becomes easier and faster to know you audience to reach your market.

Now you need to know a little bit about those 5 Ds that take off the barrier between the business (brand) and their client base, those 5 Ds are:
* Digital devices
* Digital platforms
* Digital media
* Digital data
* Digital technology.
Almost every business implements this virtual world to their marketing strategy since it makes engagement on its websites and even on their application. It could communicate better with their clients based on its client’s devices such as: smartphone, TV, tablet, laptops … we guess that 5 years from now offline marketing will disappear. So businesses use many platforms which used by their segments to target those people and show them their Ad so as to reach new customers which is in direct proportion of growth of the business .It will make more profit and increase its market share if they use it on the correct form those business may dominates the market and become the market leaders. Or even drive many companies out.
Some of these platforms commons used by businesses are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Twitter, Snapchat, TikToK and LinkedIn.
Another strategy recently used by companies to reach new customers is influencer marketing; some people are famous in their field and many people know them. Therefore, companies pay them to talk about their brands or recommend their products to their followers. It works very well today. Another things used nowadays is advertising e-mails, search engines optimization/marketing and social networks in order to increase brand awareness and thrive in a highly competitive.
When it comes to Saudi Arabia, it is estimated that they are over 23 million active social media users. That is exactly why becoming an expert in the 5 Ds of digital marketing are a great step in the right direction in today’s highly competitive period. In order to optimize the budget, because every business searches every year how to minimize its expenditure.

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